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The Microblade Revolution

Say goodbye to drawing and plucking... Wake up confident each morning with the perfect brows you've always dreamed of!

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup that mimics the look of natural hair strokes, creating beautifully shaped eyebrows. This treatment is performed with a handheld tool that uses fine needles to deposit pigment under the skin, creating crisp strokes that match the look of natural eyebrow hair.

Microblading FAQ

Before and After

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The Microblading Process

On average, a Microblading appointment lasts about 2 hours from start to finish.

Discuss the overall vision for your eyebrows. Analyze your bone structure and facial features to determine the best brow shape. Take “before” photo.

Create Template

Measure and draw eyebrow template. Together we'll review and modify the design until we create the perfect shape you love. Next, a topical anesthetic is used to minimize discomfort.


The microblading tool is used strategically to redesign your eyebrows. This procedure cannot be rushed and must be performed by a talented professional to ensure the best results. Once finished, the eyebrows will be cleaned and you can view your new look!

Review and Follow Up

Take photos and discuss the appropriate aftercare. Schedule your follow-up appointment which will be at least 4 weeks out. A touch-up is necessary to perfect the brows for your final ``wow`` result!

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Natural Looking Brows is located in Costa Mesa, CA.

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Eyebrows Pricing

Microblade/Hair Stroke

$ 400

Dazzle Brows / Ombre Shading

$ 400

Combination- strokes and shading

$ 500

Touch up within 6 weeks

$ 100

Touch up within 12 months

$ 250

Touch up after 1 year

$ 300 +

Eyeliner Pricing

Classic Eyeliner - Upper Lid

$ 250

Upper and Lower Eyeliner

$ 350

Luminous Eyeliner w/ Wing

$ 350

Lips Pricing

Luscious Lips

$ 400

Removal Pricing

Permanent Makeup Removal / session

$ 200

Consultations are done same day before procedure begins. Before the procedure, you can also send clear pics of your brows by email and we will discuss your “brow story.” (current shape, desired outcome with microblading) and medical history.

Denise Dandolo Microblading Artist Costa Mesa

Denise Dandolo

Certified Permanent Makeup and Microblading Artist
A top professional in the Newport Beach area

About Denise

Over the last 10 years, Denise has continued to offer first-class beauty solutions to countless happy clients across Southern California.

Having trained under some of the very best in the industry – she continues to offer an unrivaled choice in permanent makeup, allowing her to share her expertise and passion for beauty in a relaxing environment. As a Certified Permanent Makeup artist with over a decade’s experience– she brings a wealth of talent and expertise into practice. Denise has trained  in the art of microblading was under one of the world’s leading instructors, Daria Chuprys of Beverly Hills, and has recently become a Phibrows certified artist. Phibrows is the most prestigious microblading certification in the world and is known all around the globe as the best, most natural looking microblading technique.

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Happy Customers

I had decent brows but there were a few patches that had always bugged me that needed filling and the shape could be perfected too. Now I wake up every morning and I don't have to do a thing to them! I'm so pleased with the results and could not recommend Denise enough!

Christy M.
Newport Beach, CA

Denise is awesome! I went in for microblading and I was nervous because it's something that stays on your face for a few years. She made mine look so natural and I've never had to fill them in since.

Cheri C.
Los Angeles, CA brows look AMAZING! I would definitely recommend her if you're looking to get your brows done. Her prices are very very fair as well! I am so glad I have found someone I can count on to make my brows look beautiful.

Julie W.
Silverado, CA

Denise is amazing!! I'm beyond happy with how my brows turned out! I have brows but I wanted them to appear a little darker and fuller. She did such a great job color matching and making my brows look natural!

Michelle W.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA